Tuesday, April 15, 2014

ABNA quarter-final round

A wee bit of good news yesterday, Old Flames, Burned Hands made it to the quarter-finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Being the phlegmatic and superstitious cur that I am, I refuse to get too excited about this. It's a nice bit of news but any whoop-whooping from me will jinx its chances as surely as poking a sharp stick into the eye of a sleeping pit bull.

I honestly don't expect it to advance to the semis but maybe I can use this little accolade to build some awareness for the book. It's been a real uphill battle to find an audience for this book. Colour me stymied.

Still, on a day when it snows in April and I got two barfy kids to look after, it's a good reminder that maybe, just maybe, I'm not completely wasting my time here.

whoop whoop

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