Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Just a quick update on the home front. The first draft of the new work is finished and a hard copy printed off. It’s been sitting and marinating in the cupboard for two weeks while I try to forget all about it. I’ll crack it open soon and attack it with my red pen. This one feels a little different and I’m a wee bit worried about what I’ll find when I go back into it. The story’s a little outside my comfort zone. While there’s a strong horror element to it, it’s mostly a romance story. It’s also the first book I’ve set in my own hometown, which felt strange for some reason. I tend to love and despise Toronto in equal measure, so that might explain the trepidation. Fingers crossed the MS is not the steaming pile of dung my gut is telling me it is. We’ll see.

In the downtime I’ve been busy turning the Bad Wolf books into paperbacks, which, despite the frustrations, was fun. The process was made a hell of a lot easier thanks to Joel Friedlander, otherwise known as The BookDesigner. Joel recently came out with a set of templates to format print-ready interiors using MS Word. The first book I formatted into a paperback was Killing Down the Roman Line and that, because of my ignorance, was a pain in the ass. Thanks to Joel, the template I bought made the whole process easy and (gasp!) fun. Hands down, this was the best money I’ve spent and if you’re planning on turning your ebook into a paperback, I highly recommend using one of Joel’s templates.

Also during this down-phase of forgetting the new book, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a third and final book in the Bad Wolf Chronicles. The second book, Pale Wolf, continues to sell pretty well and that leaves me amazed. It’s not a storm of sales, more of a steady and consistent trickle but every time I check my KDP dashboard and see a few more sales, I’m tickled pink and humbled like pie. So, once the new book is finished and released (hopefully this summer), it will be time to dive back into the world of ex-homicide detectives and ferocious werewolves.

Is summertime a bad season to release a new book? It’s clearly the best season for big popcorn movies (like Iron Man 3, which I’m dying to see) but does that work for books too? Autumn seems to be the season for literary fiction and Christmas is always a hot book season no matter what genre but what about summer? Are readers looking for ‘beach reads’ or are books not on their radar as everyone shrugs off the winter gear to enjoy the warm weather? Personally, I like to pick at least one big ‘beach read’ to devour during the summer months. This year it’s a toss-up between Stephen King’s IT and Peter Straub’s Ghost Story.

I’ll probably watch my favourite summertime movie too. Is there anything better than cozying up with Jaws on the Fourth of July? And I’m not even a Yanky.

What about you? Do you have a big brick of a paperback you’re looking forward to greasing the pages with sunscreen and sand?

I also wanted to brag about my beautiful wife, seeing as this is Mother’s day. No breakfast in bed today as the missus headed out early to tackle Tough Mudder. This is a brutal obstacle course marathon designed to maim and kill participants with such lovely obstacles as Arctic Enema and Electoshock Therapy. Oy! How awesome is my missus? I’ll take the brats out to find something nice for desert and when my bride is brought home on a stretcher, we’ll order some sushi and bandage her wounds.