Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer - time for reading and bludgeoning homeless prowlers

End of July and the heatwave that has turned this city into a fetid swamp seems to have broken for the moment. Our front lawn is a beautiful shade of light brown, which may be unsightly but hell, it also means I don't have to mow the bastard.

I like these slow summer days. Going to the park with the kids or just watching them run through the sprinkler in our lame attempts to keep it green. Picnics and cloudbusting, that's what the season is all about. And, of course, laying traps to ensnare the strange nocturnal people who prowl my backyard, that's fun too. I almost caught one the other night but the grimy bastard chewed his own leg off and left it behind in the jaws of the bear trap.

Summer is also a great time for books. For me, this is a Harry Potter kind of summer. Having ignored the worldwide phenomena this long, I've been sucked into it by sheer cultural force. I noticed my kids playing Harry Potter with their friends at school. Now, my wife and I had never read the books to them nor had they seen the movies but still, our girls knew the names Harry, Ron and Hermione, running through the schoolyard and waving imaginary wands.

So we've started watching the movies, which is great fun for family movie night. It's not easy finding a movie that we can all sit down and enjoy. E.T was a good choice (although we were all balling by the third act turn) but Star Wars seemed to bore everyone but me. So the Boy Who Lived makes for a great family flick, plus there's seven of the damn things to keep us going. Meanwhile, I'm devouring the book series.

Most of my summer is devoted to writing the sequel to Bad Wolf, with a few interruptions. One of which was an idea for a short story that just wouldn't go away until it was put down on paper. Now that that is squared away, back to work.

This will be available at the usual haunts (Amazon, Kobo) in a day or two, so that's one more detail for me to obsess over. We now resume your usual programming, enjoy your summer.